Dental Implants

Dental implants can be said to be the next best thing to your healthy, natural teeth. There is a procedure through which one can create a prosthetic replacement for lost teeth so that it looks, feels, fits and functions like a natural tooth. During the process, an artificial tooth root is placed into your jawbone beneath your gums which becomes a foundation for an artificial crown on top of the implant. The significant advantage of implants is that while they might require periodic adjustments, they can last a lifetime when properly cared for over time, unlike a few other procedures which have a limited shelf life.


Before the treatment begins, we check you for the health of your gums and that there is adequate bone support for the implants to be made effectively. We take a detailed medical history & a dental scan is done which gives us a 3D Contouring of the bone. These also facilitate us to carry out implant planning in the software & fabrication of 3D Surgical stents. This will require oral treatment, regular dental visits so your gums are in peak health condition for the process. Dental Implants is a highly recommended long-term solution, unlike a tooth replacement, this works in fixing the issue from the root and setting a strong foundation.

Why are dental implants the best long – term solution?

  • Enhance appearance: For people with missing teeth, everyday interactions can be a source of embarrassment and discomfort. However, with today’s technological advances in dentistry, you can get a dental implant to replace your missing teeth. Dental implants are a great option because they look and act just like natural teeth.
  • Improved speech: One of the related issues that arise from missing teeth or poorly fitted replacement fixtures is the statement in speech or discomfort speaking. As a result of that people tend to find themselves unable to communicate correctly and therefore a loss of confidence over time. Retain your speech abilities without having to compromise on health, hygiene and social standing by the Implants treatment.
  • Improved comfort: Teeth are sensitive and extremely high on utility, even the slightest imbalance affects comfort and related functions. Dental implants ensure that you feel as comfortable as you would in your natural teeth whether that is while eating or when you flash your radiant smile.
  • Longevity: Dental Implants are known to be a long – term solution to any tooth issues. The procedure involves fixing a new root itself and hence with low maintenance. They can last you an entire lifetime without any tooth woes
  • Smile carefree, with confidence: There is no doubt that when you feel beautiful inside, it shows in your spirit. When you know your teeth look healthy and natural there is no reason for you to hide your smile. And so the dental implants give you a reason to smile your most natural and uninhibited smile.

Single Anterior Implant




Angulated Implants using 3D Surgical Stent

Upper Jaw Without Teeth

Use Of Computer Navigated Stent

Xray – Showing – Implants In Upper Jaw

Fixed Ceramic – Teeth On Implants

Computerized 3D Surgical Stent, Implants


White 3D Stent

Implant Being Placed

Implants In Place With Cover Screws

Dr. Laud has an unbeatable track record in bringing this technique to numerous people. He is the most popular name for dental implants in Mumbai. The clinic is equipped with state of the art technology that enables the team to deliver the best results for patients seeking to get implants done. Technology coupled with the experienced team, service and top of the line equipment at the Clinic make Dr. Laud’s Clinic the only choice if you are evaluating getting Implants done.

You can call us on +91 8291671780 and +91 2223615060 or write to us at

You can call us on +91 8291671780 and +91 2223615060 or write to us at