Root Canal Treatments

When tooth decay ( cavity ) occurs from the enamel, and reaches in the pulp chamber a root canal treatment is needed.

What are the signs that you might need a root canal?

When you feel sensitive to hot or cold foods, or you feel swelling on your gums/tooth, it is time you visit us for it is highly likely that your tooth will require particular attention. You could also check if it is discolored or broken.

What are the precautions required to be taken after the Root Canal Treatment?

While there is a set of instructions we give to every patient, however, to capture it – avoid chewing hard food from the treated tooth, brush your teeth regularly twice a day. You should expect a feeling of tenderness in the tooth post the treatment. This is normal for a brief period. Continue to maintain the full instructions prescribed by us till the tooth is appropriately restored with a crown. This treatment once the tooth is completed restored ensures that it remains protected for many years with a little care.

Root Canal Treatment at Dr. Laud’s Clinic, a leading destination for an RTC

At Dr.Laud’s Clinic, we assure you of the best facilities, highly qualified trained team, and international standards in hygiene and technology.The Root Canal Treatment (RTC) we offer are conducted by our highly experienced Endodontists who have been exclusively practicing this treatment for years.Root canal disinfection using lasers & apex Locators are mandatory in our dental practice. In addition to tooth decay, other causes that might require a root canal treatment are – a broken tooth, a deep cavity or an injury to the tooth.



This procedure saves the tooth, tissue and eliminates dental pain caused by the decay. Without the treatment, the tissue surrounding the tooth becomes infected, and abscesses may form which destroys the teeth.

You can call us on +91 8291671780 and +91 2223615060 or write to us at

You can call us on +91 8291671780 and +91 2223615060 or write to us at